Happy Anniversary ICF!

Last month the International Coach Federation global organization celebrated its 20th Anniversary!! In some ways that’s a long time and in some ways it’s just the beginning. ICF is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high ethical standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of professional credentialed coaches.

As with every anniversary there are many events that happen over the years that are worth celebrating. For ICF the events are:

  • The emergence of many regional chapters such as the UK chapter 15 years ago across most continents

  • Over 20,000 members worldwide and growing in excess of 2000 members per year

  • World’s largest coaching organization

  • Recognition by many private, public, not for profit organizations with ICF accreditation becoming a criteria many organizations require for coaches working with them

  • Awards, awards, awards

So what does the next 20 years have in store for coaching?

Although it’s hard to predict, some of the trends that have been put forth about the industry are:

  • Coaching will grow in terms of demand by organizations and people and in terms of number of coaches in the industry

  • Specialties will further define the profession and allow coaches to maintain rates as more coaches enter the field

  • Topics will continue to evolve towards meaning and empathy – for both personal and Executive coaching. This means working with people on finding meaning in their work and/or rallying people through meaning. Empathy is about leaders building relationships, and working with others empathetically rather than just focusing on results.

Thank you ICF for helping to build the credibility of coaching and coaches, holding the ethics and integrity of your members to a high standard, and reporting on the profession for the members and customers.

Here’s to another 20+ years for ICF!

Anne Taylor is a certified executive and personal life coach in London at DIRECTions Coaching.