Having the ability to control your emotions is essential to career success

Being able to control your emotions at work is essential to a lifelong successful career, and having low self-control can really harm your career prospects later on. We all know this, but do we stick to it?

According to a recent study, it all begins in our early childhood years. The University of Stirling in Scotland recently carried out a study on 30,000 British children and discovered that there is a clear link between people’s level of self-control and their employment in later life.

The study states that those who have a higher level of self-control spend around 40% less time being unemployed in their lives compared to those who were not able to control their behaviour and emotions as children.

Lack of self-control in the study is characterised by an inability to continue with difficult tasks, lack of concentration and being prone to impulsive behaviours.

Lead researcher Michael Daly said, “”The study highlights the importance of early life self-control as a powerful predictor of job prospects in adulthood.”

So how does lack of self-control actually harm your career prospects? The study suggests that it is because those with less self-control are more vulnerable to work related to stress, and are more likely to follow unhealthy lifestyle habits such as drinking or having bad sleeping patterns.

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