How your staff could benefit from group coaching

As I recently mentioned, executive coaching is becoming extremely popular here in London – companies are not only seeing the benefits of investing in their staff, but are also reaping the rewards from them learning how to successfully work in a team.

Though many businesses opt to go for one-to-one coaching – a service designed to encourage individuals to reach their professional potential – employing a group coach is a great way of helping several employees at the same time.

While I believe that both mediums can be of huge use to organisations throughout London, I am today outlining what group coaching in particular has to offer:

Group solidarity

By helping the team to learn how to solve problems together, a good group coach should boost collective solidarity. As well as aiding the building of relationships, this also allows individuals to reach goals together with their colleagues.

The right dynamic

In interacting with fellow members of staff, group coaching will enable your employees to maximise their team dynamic – sharing both issues and solutions among the group means that no one individual can take the credit or blame.

Same agenda

Shifting the overall rationale from ‘I’ to ‘we’ will ultimately be the biggest group coaching benefit for your company – only good results can come when everyone is operating to their full potential with the same goals in mind. 

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