What’s Your Global Leadership Index?

Recently I’ve had some Executive Coaching clients interested in doing self-assessments to learn more about themselves, how they lead and how they are perceived. IMD, based in Lausanne Switzerland, offers a complimentary questionnaire called Global Leader Index. https://global-leader-index.imd.org/

The index is a proprietary survey of 48 questions that get summarized into 4 global leadership capabilities that they have defined – strategic leadership, execution leadership, stakeholder leadership and personal leadership.  These capabilities are important for one’s success in leadership and your career; they seem very universal regardless of geography, industry, level, function or longevity.

It is based on their academic and consulting experience with companies on the things that link to successful performance. It taps into their global network of alumni and clients. And it is used as a marketing tool for their training programmes to help you build on your strengths and gap areas.

I haven’t taken advantage of doing the survey as the benchmarking is not really applicable to a local, sole proprietorship. The capabilities are something I think of for myself and my business because although I’m a small business the skills and vision for success are equally important. The methodology seems sound, the 4 capabilities make sense, and the database is robust.

The survey doesn’t report on your performance or success in your job. It’s not a performance review, it’s not a 360, it’s a self-assessment. It scores you on the competencies relative to your peers globally. Even if you don’t take one of IMD’s courses (I’ve been lucky enough to be a participant in a couple of their programmes and a coach on more and they are great programmes in my experience) the information can be enlightening for your own awareness and development. 

Give the survey a try and find out your Global Leader Index or at a minimum think about how much time and energy you spend practicing the 4 capabilities and how much time and effort on developing yourself further on the 4 capabilities. 

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