Lessons from Spock

I am not a Trekkie. My brother was a fan of the original TV show so I saw some of Spock and other characters through his watching. And I’m a fan of Big Bang Theory so have had more exposure to Spock through Sheldon’s eyes.

With Leonard Nimoy’s passing we reflect on the impact he’s had, and although I assume he’s more popularly known for originating Spock there was lots to learn from them both – the portrayer and the man. Condolences to his friends, family and fans.

The famous phrase “Live long and prosper” was Nimoy’s creation. On the surface some might think of the materialism definition of prosper but when you consider the alternate definitions of flourish and make successful, it’s actually a good motto to live by. And the backstory is that he adapted it from a Jewish priestly blessing of Almighty he had seen at synagogue as a child with his grandfather. Amazing infusion of faith in pop culture.

Nimoy is probably best known for his portrayal of Spock, as an actor. And he was so much more than that, even beyond son, husband, and father. He was a poet, photographer, director, singer, author, philanthropist and army veteran. He supported same sex marriage, all body types and the visual arts putting money behind his beliefs. Amazing talent and courage.

His portrayal of the “highly logical” Spock was an engaging contrast to his Enterprise colleagues who were more than just logic, that the balance of emotion and logic is the human experience. Spoke also made it ok to be different, and to value that difference. Amazing illustration of the beautiful messiness of humanity.

All great lessons for us as humans and for leadership coaching in organizations – courage, stretching oneself, logic and emotion, belief and relevance and using your talents for the better of your life and society.

The Nimoy quote I have seen the most today on social media is “the miracle is this: the more we share the more we have” – amazing words with which to live long and prosper.

Anne Taylor is a life coach in London.