49-4-49 Update

It’s been a while since the launch of my 49-4-49 project – the theme from my 49th birthday last April to make the year even more fun and fulfilling by doing 49 fun activities and adventures before my next birthday.

Back in September I had done 12 activities in 15 weeks. Now it is February and I have done 32 activities in about 42 weeks. Yikes, 10 weeks to go and 14 activities left to do. Actually it’s not that bad – I was under the weather over the holidays so didn’t get to do many of the activities I had already researched so it’s just a matter of setting aside the time and doing them.

Since September I’ve gone to an amusement park and rode the rollercoasters, gone ice skating, visited Royal Tunbridge Wells, attended a Bryan Adams concert, visited the top ten tea shops in London (I only counted the tea shops as one activity out of the 49), eaten at Nobu, visited Punch Bowl pub, seen The Art of The Brick and the Brand Museum and walked the Maltby St market.

This project has really allowed me to celebrate my birthday almost every day of the year. Rarely a day goes by that I haven’t thought about the fun things I’ve done or the fun things I have planned.  And often in conversation, friends are fascinated by the amount and variety of things I take advantage of in London.  I have even had a few people say I’ve inspired them to be more mindful of having more fun and adventure in their lives, and challenging themselves to get out of their usual ruts.

Things I’ve learnt or noticed through the experience thus far:

– There are so many enjoyable and unusual experiences I can have in the world if I just seek them out

– Getting out of my comfort zone keeps me energized and growing, and I learn more about myself

– I can create joy by focusing on my passions, new things, and energetic experiences

– It’s not about just ticking activities off a list, it’s about researching many possibilities, engaging with the other people present, cherishing the experience, sharing it with others

Next on the list are horseback riding, attending a masquerade party, seeing the Book of Mormon, playing ping pong at a cocktail club, taking a butchery course, skeet/clay pigeon shooting and more.

What theme would you have in your life now if you had a Life Coach?