Why should you bring in a professional coach to your business in London?

As a manager or owner of a business, you will know that employees will need coaching, and employees who have potential will need active encouragement. If you have recently promoted someone, you need to be sure that they have the skills to do the job correctly, and you undoubtedly want your employees to feel confident in their roles so that they achieve success for themselves and the business.

In some situations, you may feel like you are in control of the situation and can handle the employee yourself. There are other times, though, when it is necessary to bring in a professional coach. I have worked with many businesses over the years and the following are some examples of when this is the case.

When you are already close to the employee

If you have a close personal relationship with the employee, you may think that this will help the two of you resolve any issues, but sometimes it can be better to get an outside opinion. Your employee may have personal issues at home that are affecting the way they work, and they may prefer to talk to a coach confidentially, and you may not want to know the personal details of your employee. Other times, if you have a close relationship with an employee and class this person as a friend, you may have a hard time addressing areas you think call for improvement. If any of these apply, you should call a professional to avoid any conflict.

When they don’t take your feedback seriously

If you are giving feedback to an employee and they do not take it seriously, they need to see that their development is a serious business. An employee may be an all-round star, but when it comes to review, unable to properly take criticism and either brushes off feedback or reacts with hostility. In this case a professional executive coach will have experience working with clients who do not necessarily take feedback well; and the client will understand the level of importance placed on the coaching.

When they just don’t want to be coached

It can be frustrating to try and convince an employee that they would benefit from coaching. Sometimes this can be about vanity, sometimes the employee simply thinks they can fix the problem on their own. The point of hiring a professional coach is that the coach will help the person to fix their problem by focusing on goals, how to reach those goals, and what is currently stopping them from reaching these goals. Thought he employee may have the best intentions, they are unlikely to be able to change their behaviour without help. A friendly and open professional like Anne Taylor will be able to demonstrate to the employee how positive life coaching can be.

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