Why are more people using executive and personal coaching to progress their careers?

Executive coaching is very popular right now in London. Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of putting money into properly training their staff and see personal and executive coaching as vital to the development of employees. Leadership coaching is seen as particularly useful for executives, senior executives and CEOs.

According to a recent study carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 78% of organisations intend to use leadership development programmes over the next twelve months, such as executive and personal coaching, to improve company culture and behaviour, and to develop the potential of individuals in their careers.

The Henley Business School carried out their own research last year and concluded that individual and group coaching are the top development tools for most businesses, and that 83% of companies intend to use coaching for their employees. External coaches, like Directions Coaching’s Anne Taylor, are typically preferred for senior management level.

So why are more people using executive and personal coaching to progress their careers?

There are so many benefits to coaching in the workplace, including improving personal development, increasing confidence and goal orientation. Priorities have changed and many business owners are recognising the importance of ‘softer skills’ such as empathy, self-awareness and communication skills in their executives.

Executive coaching is a form of life coaching that is focused on helping clients reach their potential by looking at their strengths and their objectives in their career. Executive coaching, though, is also personal, and the types tend to overlap depending on the individual.

Your career is part of your life, and so naturally some of the conversation with your coach will veer into life away from your career. Personal development coaching will enable you to succeed in all areas of your life by improving upon your current skillset and individual strengths. The important thing to remember is that coaching is confidential and personal to the person being coached, so you can discuss any problems that are affecting you at work with your coach.

Anne Taylor is a certified executive and personal life coach based in London. For more information on Directions Coaching for yourself or for your business, please call us on 02031516830.