Four top tips to help you plan and get organised!

January is one of the best times to get yourself organised and plan for the year ahead. Some people are more naturally organised than others, but we could all do with a little extra help, even me! I’ve outlined my top four tips to help you plan and get organised this year.


Are your invoices and bills all paid? Lay out all of your unpaid invoices and bills, and either send a reminder or get them paid off! Money worries that have a simple solution are a stress that you don’t need, and stress can get in the way of productivity.

Book all your events now

Book yourself onto all of those networking events you’ve been looking at. Is there an event featuring a key speaker you find inspiring? Get yourself booked on! These kind of events can fill up quickly so now is the time to do it.

Order gift cards for clients

Do any of your clients have any special milestones or events coming up? Want to add a little extra thought to your dealings with clients? Thank you cards and gift cards are a great way of being remembered by your clients or referrers.

Make some time for you

Along with making time for bills, events and clients, make sure you single out time for you whenever you can. Spend time doing what you love, and if you have any hobbies, make sure you have time for them.

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