Coaching is necessary for all in an organization

Forbes contributor, William Arruda, states in his article The Hottest Personal Branding Trends That Will Impact Your Success In 2015 that coaching is necessary for all in an organization, not just the c-suite.  Executive coaching still has a place, as does individual and group coaching as well. As companies continue to do more with less, a trend that shows no sign of abating, companies need to ensure every employee is engaged.

One of the ways of supporting talent to drive results is through coaching – individual and group coaching to develop leaders at all levels within the organization not just at the top. And not only does coaching help the talent develop, it is often role modelled and the skills of coaching taught to employees so they use those skills with other team members.

As companies use more coaches they are becoming more disciplined about standards and return on investment. Membership in key coaching associations such as ICF (International Coach Federation) and coaches being accredited in their profession are resulting trends.

What is your company’s point of view on this trend?

Anne Taylor is a life coach for Directions Coaching in London, specialising in executive and individual coaching. For more information you can call Anne for a no obligation chat on 02031516830.