Changing Lives Through Growing Leadership

I’m excited to announce a new contract for DIRECTions Coaching. It is being an associate for a coaching firm working with a major automotive company in the UK.

It is a programme to help create an unrivalled consumer experience that will differentiate the company in the marketplace. As the European coach lead says “we work on the premise that to engage your customers and create an emotional connection that goes beyond reason, you first have to engage your own people. With over 100 coaches around the world working with those on the front line first, this "movement" is turning into a landmark case for engagement, leadership development and consumer experience.”

It involves one on one coaching, team coaching, facilitating, training and presenting, all with a balance of positive challenge and supportive cheerleading. And a big part of it is role modelling – role modelling engaging with all the people in the dealership/store.

The fit for me is that it’s about being aware of yourself and your impact on others and then consciously choosing, taking responsibility for ‘who’ you are being, the impact you have on others and creating what you want going forward. All in a supportive growth-based way, not punishing and fear. Also, it involves everyone at all levels of the organization – involving them in creating the future, both in identifying the solutions or ideas and implementing them and benefiting from them.

In talking to coaches and dealers that have been involved for last year in the UK and last 5 years in North America it starts out to improve business and it ends up changing lives.

DIRECTions Coaching are a London based executive coaching company. For further information please call Anne Taylor on 02031516830.