How to prove you are ready for a promotion in 2015

In my latest ‘thought’ I talk about the end of the year being a great time for reflection, and to think about what we want to achieve in our lives over the next year. Your goals for 2015 may be personal or they may be professional, it is your life and therefore completely up to you! Many people I speak to have career goals such as moving up the ladder, but they are not sure how to go about it. Some people I meet feel like they are deserving of a promotion but are not sure how to prove it. If this sounds like you, then I have compiled some actions to prove that you are ready for a promotion in 2015.

Make your aspiration for a promotion clear

If you don’t make it clear to your employer that you want a promotion, how will they know? Real confidence is knowing what you want and asking for it; prove that you deserve a promotion by showing initiative. Find out what is required for you to progress and do it. You may need confidence coaching, or individual executive coaching to help you on your way as this can enable you to follow your objectives and support you personally in the promotion transition.

Act like you already have the role

If you act and look like you already have the role, then employers will find it easier to imagine you in the actual role. It is likely you will have more responsibility in your new role, so showing initiative and leadership skills will get you in the promotion mind-set, and prove to your employer that you can do it.

Show respect for others

Leaders need to have respect for others. If you respect people, and treat them well, they will warm to you and are more likely to follow your ideas. I have more advice on how to act like an effective leader in my recent news post here.

If you really want a promotion, you have to put the work in – show them why they should promote you! If you need advice, or help with motivation, then executive, personal or confidence coaching may be for you. Anne Taylor is a successful Canadian life and executive coach in London, practising at Directions Coaching. For a chat about coaching, please call Anne Taylor on 02031516830.