How to be confident in a leadership role

Confidence in yourself and your team is the key to being successful in a leadership role. Whether you have been a leader for years, or have recently been promoted, it is vital that those in a leadership role feel confident to be the best leader they can be. A person can be great with numbers or making difficult decisions, but if they do not have confidence in their ability, they will not achieve success.

People who exude confidence are seen as more likeable and are more likely to see good results from their team. People like to work with confident people as this confidence can inspire a team to reach greatness. For most people, working with someone who is confident suggests to us that they are competent in their role and know what they are doing.

Confidence is one of the most valuable personality assets; confidence will help you in all walks of life, enabling you to believe in your abilities and the choices you make. Confidence is inspiring, and without it, you will fail to inspire your followers.

So what does a confident person look like?

They appear happy: They feel happy and positive because they are confident in their abilities, and always look at the positives rather than the negatives.

They have good relationships with co-workers: They feel good about themselves, and therefore feel good about others.

They take risks: Confident people are open to risks because they believe in their decision making skills, and will take responsibility if something does go wrong.

They can take criticism: A confident person will take feedback and criticism and use it to improve themselves, as they are comfortable enough in their own skin not to feel threatened.

They laugh more: Are they always laughing and smiling, even when things go wrong? Confident people can see the best in things, and try to keep their sense of humour even when things are going wrong.

If you feel like this isn’t you, and you would benefit from confidence coaching, Anne Taylor at Directions Coaching can help. Based in London, Anne Taylor coaches executives individually and in groups to improve their confidence skills. Now that you have seen how important confidence is in a leadership role, perhaps it is time to embark on executive leadership development coaching. Give Anne a call on 02031516830 for more information.