Manifesting your legacy

Every day you manifest your legacy! Sounds heavy and it’s true so let’s break it down.

Every day you make choices about what you do – complete work, exercise, kids to school, make meals, clean house, run errands, do laundry, help with homework, grocery shop, email friends, return phone calls, pay bills, play with kids, eat better, watch TV, play video games, wash car, walk dog, mow lawn, greet neighbour, sort mail, meditate …..the list goes on.

Every day you may make choices about how you do all the things you do – optimistically, proactively, reluctantly, enthusiastically, grudgingly, thoroughly, skeptically, confidently, secretly, angrily, unconsciously, boldly, happily, sadly, magnificently, calmly, heatedly, irritably, generously, furiously, peacefully, tranquilly, steadily, agitatedly, anxiously…..the list goes on.

What you do each day and, in part how you do it, are the circumstances and events of daily life, the situation you are in. In coaching we call this the “little a” agenda. How you walk through these circumstances of your life is what we call the “Big A” agenda in coaching; who you are being as a human and who you are becoming as a human as you go about your daily life.

Living your “Big A” agenda is to walk through the events of your life in a powerful way in accordance with your values, consciously choosing in alignment with your vision and being in the moment really living the experience of your life. The “little a” is a vehicle to manifest the “Big A”. Every choice you make about what you do and how you do it leaves an imprint on world of who you are and, over time the consistency (or not) of those imprints is your legacy as a human. You are the product of your choices every minute, every day. It’s the culmination of these choices that is your legacy.

Notice each footprint with which you are walking towards your legacy!