Researchers claim women increasingly put the career of their husband ahead of their own

Recent research has shown that female graduates are increasingly putting their partner’s career ahead of their own, according to recent news reports. A controversial study on Harvard Business School graduates has suggested that women are still struggling with achieving a work/life balance.  

In a study of over 25,000 male and female students, it was found that 40% of women put their spouses’ took priority over their own. The researchers also found that only 20% of the women studied had actually planned on their careers taking a backseat once they had graduated, suggesting that some of the women who put their spouses’ careers before their own are not happy about it and are not fulfilling their professional potential.

The researchers concluded that through their study, they determined that though most women had intentions to further their career once they graduated, they ultimately ended up being held back by their partners. What does this say about the ongoing gender divide in the workplace and the difficulty for women to balance their work and their lives? And is this conclusion true to graduates and executives in London as well as America, where the study was conducted?

The researches commented that, “In the end, we found not just achievement and satisfaction gaps between men and women, but a real gap between what women expect as they look ahead to their careers and where they ultimately land.

“Perhaps it's time for more-candid conversations—at home, at work, and on campus—about how and why their paths unfold so differently.”

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