Want Employees to Grow Their Skills and Reach Their Professional Goals?

Recent research into what makes for a successful coaching culture was conducted by ICF (International Coach Federation) and HCI (Human Capital Institute) among 500 professionals.

The research found that only 13% of those organizations in the study classified themselves as having a coaching culture. Interestingly, those organizations classified as having a coaching culture had higher employee engagement scores and reported last year’s revenue to be higher than average, as compared to their peer group.

So how to get a coaching culture?  The best is a combination of internal and external resources.

  1. Use external executive coaches for key individuals and by key individuals that doesn’t just mean senior executives. It could mean senior leaders, supporting diversity by coaching women leaders, and/or high potential individuals.
  2. Use internal coaches, employees at any level who are certified coaches. This means employees get coached by someone who knows the company very well and also role models the skill for others to emulate or aspire to.
  3. Train employees in coaching skills, again employees of all levels, especially those with a broad reach within the organization.  Team leaders who use coaching with their employees when appropriate can help empower their employees and also role model the skills.  This is often the most common way for coaching to be used within a company.

Lastly, the research found that the 3 biggest barriers to implementing a coaching culture were time, uncertainly of return on investment (ROI) for the coaching and lack of money.

Just a word to address the time barrier: it can take more time initially to coach someone rather than just telling them what to do (being directive, in leadership parlance). And in the long run it takes less time as you empower someone to come up with their own solutions after a while of coaching them. Whereas if you are being directive, you almost always have to be directive – employees will continue to need to be told what to do.

So hep your employees grow their sills and reach their performance goals through coaching in some fashion. 

Anne Taylor is a life and executive coach at DIRECTions Coaching in London. For more niformation on coaching call Anne on 02031516830.