How to prioritise your goals and reach your potential

I am all about goals and objectives. I always help my life coaching clients to determine their objectives, as having goals means that you have something to strive for. Change doesn’t happen overnight and many people are simply lacking the motivation to get up and go!

So how can you prioritise your goals and reach your potential? Procrastination is a serious hindrance to productivity. How many times have you said, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I haven’t got enough time right now”? We all need structure and this is the kind of thing that I help my personal coaching clients with at my practice in London.

Here are some of my tips for reaching your life goals.

  1. Set yourself attainable goals. If your goals are too big, you will overwhelm yourself. Small steps are the key. If you know that your goals are attainable, whether they are long or short term, you are more likely to feel motivated, and therefore more likely to succeed.
  2. Write it down. Writing down a list of your goals (and how to achieve them) is like agreeing to a contract with yourself. Sign it if you prefer, and stick it up somewhere you can see it often. This will help motivate you and remind you why you are doing it!
  3. Look after yourself. This can be neglected by people when they are striving to reach a goal, but it is important to stay healthy by looking after your mind and your body. If you are feeling healthy (and happy) you are much more likely to reach your goal. A tired, stressed body and mind is not ready for a positive change.
  4. Organise. If you can order your objectives, this can help. Is one of them more important than the others? Can one be completed first?
  5. Be realistic. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Small changes made overtime will ultimately last longer than one huge upheave. It may take time, some changes may be hard, but it will all work out in the end.
  6. Have a mentor. Having someone to talk to, to help you understand your goals and how to reach them will mean that you are never alone. A mentor who supports you is proven to help people reach their dreams.

I run DIRECTions Coaching in London and specialise in individual personal life coaching, along with executive coaching for groups and individuals. I can help you to make the changes you need to fulfil your potential and reach happiness. I am very approachable and would love to help you any way I can. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you, please do not hesitate to call me, Anne Taylor, on 02031516830.