No, this isn’t the combination to an old-fashioned lock, nor is it the longitude/latitude of the birthplace of one of Angelina Jolie’s children nor is it Barbie’s body measurements.

It’s my fun theme for the year that came about last April. When life coaching in London, whether it is executive, personalindividual or group life coaching, I often encourage clients to create a theme for what they want – whether it’s for their birthday, the New Year or any period they decide. As I was celebrating my 49th birthday last April many people asked me my plans for the big 5-0 next year. I wondered why everyone was dismissing the next year for me before I’d even lived it. That made me think about how to make the year even more fun and fulfilling for me – hence the birth of 49-4-49.

49 fun things 4 my 49th birthday (I know I’m technically in my 50th year because we aren’t born at age zero but it’s the inception of the theme on my 49th birthday).

It’s an ambitious adventure as it’s almost one new fun activity per week but I’m happy to go for the challenge and am supported by my life coach. The activities range from small ideas (like visiting a new neighbourhood in London that I’ve thought of visiting but have not gotten around to doing) to bigger ideas (walking a marathon – yes that means 26.2 miles). The activities range from totally selfish (enjoying the London skyline from a rooftop terrace) to more altruistic (donating blood or raising money from my marathon for Cancer Research UK).

So far I’ve enjoyed 12 activities out of my goal of 49, a bit behind for being 15 weeks into the initiative. The one double-header (#10 and #11) that I’ve had was brunch at the Waffle House in St. Albans – a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try in a town that I’ve wanted to visit. Enjoyed both and recommend them.

What theme would you have in your life now if you had a Life Coach?

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By Anne Taylor