Do you feel happy in the workplace?

As summer draws to a close and the days get shorter, it becomes more and more important to ensure we feel happy in the workplace.

A recent study found that bare offices – offices without pictures or any other distractions – are bad for productivity and can negatively affect the mood of employees. Psychologists from Exeter University recently claimed that a minimalist office is “the most toxic place” you can put a human being into.

After a 10 year study, psychologists found that by adding green household plants into a lean workspace, employee productivity was increased by at least 15% and the overall happiness of workers was improved. The study claims that workers who can see a plant from their desk find it easier to concentrate, have better memory retention and an improved overall performance.

By becoming psychologically engaged with a plant, a photo or a personal object, employees can feel more involved in our work and therefore happier.

Increased levels of happiness results in a more effective workplace, and can vastly improve feelings of job satisfaction. Feeling happy at work is important for our peace of mind and overall contentment with life.

If you are feeling unhappy in the workplace it may be because you are not reaching your full potential in your current situation. You may need a change professionally or personally, want more out of your life or a new career.

Life or Change coaching can help you find the answers to your questions and help you on your way to happiness. Whether you want to change your current position, your career, a relationship or your personal life, DIRECTions coaching and Anne Taylor offers individually tailored action plans to reach your goals.

Life Coaching is about the individual being supported to find their own answers through powerful questions, pointing out patterns of behaviour and beliefs, noticing what is said and not said, and encouraging creativity. Your life is important, and it is important to be happy in the workplace.

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