Striking the perfect work/life balance

The greater pressures caused by a demanding work culture in the UK is one of the major contributing factors to unhealthy work/life balances. Increasing our working hours can have a damaging effect on your lifestyle, break up relationships and cause mental health problems.

According to leading research, 13% of workers spend more than 49 hours a week at work, or doing work related things. This is the start of an unhealthy work life balance but luckily with correct life coaching, you can correct this issue.

Why is it important to have an effective work/life balance?

When your equilibrium is broken and you prioritise your career or work over lifestyle, common issues arise. These can be related to mental health, with a rise in depression cases year on year, as well as stress. Unfortunately, these stresses often affect loved ones too, and those with an unhealthy balance find that relationships and friendships often fail or drift away.

Is there a common cause?

Usually, any imbalance it is linked to time; how much do you spend at work, how much do you spend at home? Unfortunately however, work is part of life, so you have to be more conscious about the time you spend working. If you can work smarter, restrict meeting dragging out, prioritise those things which are more urgent and allow certain times, you should finish work quicker leaving more free time.


A working life balance can hit more complications when additional stresses place a burden. This can include people at work not pulling rank, own personal career aspirations as well as feelings.

When do you need professional life balance coaching help?

If you find yourself worrying about this in your life, you are already in need of work/life balance coaching. If you feel guilty being at work when you should be at home, find yourself not wanting to go to work, or feeling like you should be at work at all the time, stop and take a second.

Helping yourself

If you can begin to realise that there are factors which can help such as exercising and spending time with the family, this is vitally important. If you are worried keep track of your working hours and notice if you are working too many.

Speak to someone about it?

Sometimes just speaking to someone about it can really help. Anne Taylor, leading life coach in London has multiple years experience in dealing with this issue. By speaking through fears you are aware of the problems you currently face. Often it can just be someone telling you to slow down, re-prioritise that can help you focus better on that life balance.

If you are in need of professional life/work balance coaching, please do not wait. Acting early can help solve this issue quickly, remove any inkling of health related problems as well as provide the support you require to make life changing changes today. For more information call DIRECTions Coaching on 02031516830.