Confidence is a big thing

According to leading research, having confidence issues can greatly alter your outlook on life and your performance at work, on the sports field or in social circles. Whether it prevents you from getting up to deliver presentations, or stops you from making important changes to your company, every unusual challenge can be met with trepidation.

Confidence, unlike other bodily signs, can often be misinterpreted with some people having an aura that oozes self belief, but deep down they may feel fear and anxiety.  As a confidence coach working in London, my clients vary in their level of confidence. Some just need a quick “pick-me-up” or help breaking through an immediate mental barrier, whilst others have a more deep routed sense of low confidence. A series of sessions over a period of months could be required before real results are achieved. Whatever the issues, ensuring that confidence levels remain within an individual is essential for any long-lasting success. For that reason, any confidence coaching must target both the mental and inner self, as well as the outer appearance of confidence.

Confidence coaching can work in many different ways aiding both the professional and personal levels of life. E.E. Cummings was famously quoted as saying: “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit,” and his philosophy certainly influences confidence coaching by Anne Taylor.

Although thinking confidently, banishing negative thoughts and overcoming barriers are important outcomes of improving confidence, ultimately it is a journey in getting to know who you are. By delving into your own insecurities, looking deeper at what triggers these confidence issues, you will not only have a better outlook on life, but you will understand how to work through any confidence problems and also how your body really works, both physically and mentally.

Whether you are already on your way to addressing your confidence issues or you have only just acknowledged that you have a confidence problem, DIRECTions coaching and Anne Taylor can help you today.

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