Go. Stop! Now,

July 2014 – Go. Stop! Now, Ready. Set. Go…

How often have you or one of your team started off on a project only to realize part way through that they actually aren’t clear on where they are going and how they are going to get there?

This happened to me as I was developing my new website. I jumped into the action. Go! I even set a date of when I wanted it done (let’s just say it was before now).

What am I trying to achieve with the website? What’s the objective or goal? Once I had clarity on that I felt I was ready to start again. Not so fast! I had to figure out what I wanted to communicate on the site – which meant I needed to articulate better what benefit I offered and who I was as a coach? So what were the strategies for achieving that goal?

That meant seeing where I was. Ready! What were my strengths? When am I at my best to help my clients be at their best? What is my clients’ feedback? What would assist people on their journey? Basically assess where I was.

Set! Now I knew where I was going, what my service was and how I was going to get there.

Go! It was easy to develop the structure and write the content when I had the clarity. The process from there went relatively quickly.  As I write this Wimbledon is playing in the background – another example of Ready. Set. Go. Federer, Murray or Bouchard didn’t just step onto the grass court – they set a goal of playing/winning at Wimbledon, did the practice to get there, had coaching along the way and tried to play their game, to their strengths to win. 

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