Do you know anyone affected by cancer? If not, count yourself lucky among a small minority.

I am walking the SHINE marathon overnight at the end of September to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I start at 9pm and walk through the streets of London.

What does this have to do with Executive Coaching or Life Coaching you ask?  A lot.

Set a goal that is a stretch: I walked the marathon last year in about 8 hours and raised £1400 through 41 donations. I’d like to finish faster and raise more this year and hope you can help – for buying glass slides for the lab to funding a new research project.

Create structures that move you towards your goal: I’m now into the tough training, hitting the streets 4-5 times a week with long training walks once per week – walking 4 and 5 hours at a time, and that’s at a speed of 4 miles/hour so help keep me motivated by supporting my walk or joining my long walk on Sundays. 

Have gratitude: I'm grateful to be able to walk a marathon. I'm grateful because so many I know aren't able to as they've lost their lives to cancer.

Be accountable to others: Hence this post. Despite having registered I’ve been reserved about training and fund raising until now.

Stay motivated: My Mom and Dad died 22 weeks apart of lung and liver cancer respectively. My work mentor died a year later of pancreatic cancer. My Aunt Mary was the first I knew to die of cancer from lung cancer. My friend's wife in her 40's died of ovarian cancer leaving 3 daughters. It was the news of her death that prompted me to sign up for the full marathon and not the half marathon last year. An older acquaintance, Naomi, has lost her husband, and 2 of her 3 children to GI cancers.  Luckily my 2nd cousin and ex mother in law both live on after being treated for breast cancer.  Let's find a cure so people don't need to face this disease.

Ask for help: Please support me with a donation of any size at

Celebrate the achievement: I will be booking a massage a couple of days after completion.

My feet, and those fighting cancer, thank you!

All these steps are steps I use in Executive Coaching and Life Coaching.

What challenge would you like Executive Coaching or Life Coaching on?